Hedgerow Heroes (Staffordshire)

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Our Hedgerow Heroes project centres around the planting and restoration of up to 2km of hedgerow around Staffordshire. Nationally, CPRE is campaigning to extend the UK hedgerow network by 40% by 2050.

Planting and restoring hedgerows can prevent soil erosion, increase biodiversity by providing wildlife habitat for many species of birds, insects, butterflies and small mammals and can increase the overall aesthetic appeal of a landscape.

Through volunteering with us you will be helping to look after our fantastic countryside and ensuring the success of this vital project for CPRE Staffordshire.

We provide out-of-pocket travel expenses should this be required.

There is more detail in the role description of the range of tasks you might get involved with. There is flexibility as to what you'll be doing, and this will be discussed with you when you apply. If you have any questions, click 'the Ask a question' box on the right hand side of this advert.